Filtration Advantages

Kona Water use advanced filtration and sanitization technologies tailored to your local water conditions to remove sediment, chemicals, bacteria, odors, and off-tastes. That means you get the cleanest, best-tasting water delivered to your glass. No more BPA-leaching, bulky plastic jugs. You’ll save money and do your part to improve the environment.


Less Expensive

In today's troublesome economy, every dollar saved counts! When you buy a Kona water cooler, you will be able to save up to 20%-50% of what you had been spending bottled water delivery.



You don't have to worry about getting new plastic jugs or going out in a rush to get a new supply when you run out of water. With Kona Water, you get delicious water conveniently from your home or offices water supply.



Kona drinking water systems are safe and clean. Because of the multi-level purification process provided through the filters, contaminants like microbes are removed, and you get pure and clean water with each and every glass.


Environment Friendly

Kona's drinking water systems incorporates an innovative filtration system that allows you to protect the environment while saving your hard earned money.

Additional Advantages

At Kona, we use the cutting-edge technologies and the most skilled water cooler services to maintain your office water cooler whenever needed. We are the market leaders in the United States when it comes to our ability to provide excellent services and water purification technologies. Fully loaded with benefits!

Activated Carbon Water Filtration

Carbon has the ability to absorb the molecules that it comes in contact with. Most other filter systems stop at the second stage of cleansing; however we go on to the fifth and give you the cleanest water at a reasonable price.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration

RO removes dissolved solids, nitrates and impurities from your water. RO has pre and post carbon filters which remove odors and unpleasant taste from your water. Therefore, adding this feature to your Kona filtered water cooler can guarantee you extremely pure and clean water.

Ultraviolet (UV) Automatic Sanitization

Kona filters use UV light to neutralize and kill micro-organisms, prevent the buildup of bio-film, and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and parasites that make your water contaminated and undrinkable.

Anti-Microbial Protection

We use silver ions to prevent the buildup of biofilm and micro-organisms. These ions are impregnated into surfaces which touch your water, therefore ensuring that what you drink is the same pure liquid produced by our filters.

Only Stainless Steel

Our cooler storage tanks are made of stainless steel so that you only taste the pure water and not the cooler.

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As we are all well aware, water is imperative to our survival. It is recommended that you drink approximately eight glasses or about 1.9 liters a day. Not only will this benefit your organs, but it will help to detox you of anything your body doesn’t need, and provide you will ample energy throughout the day. It is because of these reasons that almost every office building you enter has a water cooler that is accessible to all employees. When employees stay hydrated throughout the day it is scientifically proven to enhance a persons’ productivity and health.

Typical commercial water delivery services can cost a pretty penny depending on the service you choose. Not only that, but it leaves a sizable carbon footprint in our environment with boundless amounts of plastic bottles building up around the world. Water deliveries can be paid for per bottle, or for a set monthly rate. The typical bottle costs between $7-$12; so, as you can see larger office buildings are going to go through one to two bottles a day. With the Kona Water Bottle-less Water Dispenser business owners will notice an immediate impact in savings, with up to 50% shaved off the total you are currently paying. Kona bottles effectively filter the tap water you already pay for, innovatively saving you both resources and money.

Cleaner Water and a Cleaner Earth

The Kona system uses advanced filtration and sanitization technology that work side by side to ensure that any potentially harmful substances are removed from drinking water. Harmful chemicals, sediment, bacteria, BPA, Chlorine, odors, and unusual flavors are all eliminated when you use Kona brand water filtration, clarifying your local water. This filtration technology is known as Quench. Quench customers are able to enjoy the cleanest water available. In fact, typical water jugs that sit in the office even collect germs in the reservoir, increasing the odds of employee illness. Using a system like Kona provides a cleaner experience all around.

If you are interested and want to experience these benefits, try replacing just one of the water coolers in your office or Home with a Kona Bottle-less Water Cooler. It could reduce water bottle waste by as many as 1,000 5-gallon jugs. That is quite the visual when you really picture it. With advantages like these, there is no reason to stick to the current, wasteful system of water bottle delivery. The entire process of manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and delivering water bottles releases a harmful amount of fossil fuels that can easily be eliminated through the use of our Kona Bottle-less Water Cooler system. The positive environmental influence created by this green water alternative is equal to that of planting 5,000,000 trees!

The Kona Water Filtration Approach to Commercial Water Systems

Having a point-of-use filtration system like Kona means you no longer have to trust someone to bring your water by exactly when you need it, additionally eliminating pesky delivery fees. Kona filtration filters your tap water directly, and is easily dispensed into the reusable container of your choice. There are many options when it comes to choosing an eco-friendly water bottle that will help to further reduce waste, and promote a healthy body, mind, and mother Earth.

While I have given you some idea of the amount of money you can save by switching to Kona, check out our cost calculator to get a more direct explanation of the savings your office could experience monthly. Simply enter the amount of water bottles your company uses on a monthly average, and begin learning exactly how much you could save in the long-run.

Rent Affordably with Kona

Not only can we guarantee you a plethora of savings, we are willing to bet you will find us to truly be the cheapest way to purchase water. Our low monthly rental rate provides you with all the tools you need to enjoy the cleanest water possible. Not only do we rent bottle-less water coolers for the eco-friendly business, we also rent ice machines, and coffee systems to ensure that our standards are held up across the board. We will also come out for equipment service and preventative maintenance at no extra charge to you.

Green your Business and Green your Life

Having a clean water solution like the Kona Bottle-less Water Filtration System will not only benefit avid water drinkers, but it will encourage others to join in on the healthy trend. Kona has been in business for over twenty years simply because we provide a much-needed clean solution to the waste and toxins created and consumed with from typical water jug delivery services. Approximately 80% of water bottles on Earth inevitably end up in landfills. Now is the opportune time to start taking care of ourselves and our environment. Switching the way we consumer our water is a great first step in an eco-friendly direction.


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