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Refreshing absolutely pure drinking water!

Pure confidence in drinking water innovation in your home or office at your convenience! For over 20 years our water cooler company has been providing water cooler services to the national marketplace. Our state-of-the-art drinking water systems not only look sophisticated in your home or office, but they also contain high-tech water purification features that put our water cooler service on the leading edge of technical design and water cooler technologies. Our water cooler services proudly cater to the following clientele:

Higher Education

With the help of Kona's wide product array, universities and colleges can set up hydration stations and dining hall water while the staff can enjoy the same pure water through filtered water coolers in the staff lounge.

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Whether you own a hospital, clinic, or senior living facility, Kona's coolers are just the thing for your facility. We understand the need for utmost care and sensitivity in these facilities, so we provide NSF-55A and -55B certified, chewable ice and distillation systems.

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Kona helps you create an ever lasting impression on your clients by providing you with sophisticated water coolers for your lobby, business center, and every nook and corner of your hotel. We also offer ice bins and cater to the front and back of house needs.

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Manufacturing / Warehouse & Distribution

We offer to keep your warehouse or factory employees hydrated and focused with the help of pure, contaminant-free water. Due to Kona's immense experience, we can cover 50 foot ceilings and handle miles of tubing to provide ice and water for many thirsty workers without any difficulty.

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Professional Services

Kona has sophisticated and functional water coolers and ice dispensers that you can proudly place anywhere at your business. You can give your clients a warm welcome by offering them the cleanest water in North America.

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Kona is the only company that has the wide product range to cater to your needs as well asthe knowledge of local water conditions, how to optimally utilize space, and how to easily install facilities that give you the purest water.

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After a tough workout, a glass of pure and clean water is the best refreshment option anyone can have. Keeping a gym's requirement in mind, we offer hydration stations, large dispensing areas for refilling sports bottles, anti-microbial protection and recessed spigots to provide your clients with pure water that keeps them up and going.

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Spas & Salons

At a spa or salon, you want your clients to have a relaxing experience while enjoying the facilities and services you offer. Kona offers top notch purification technologies, sanitary dispensing features, sleek and stylish water coolers and ice dispensers to rejuvenate your clients from the inside while you work on the outside.

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Kona is proud to be associated in helping out the government. Whether it is a post office, fire station, or the US House of Representatives, Kona is everywhere. We have been providing clean and pure water to all through our innovative technologies and applications and will do so as it's our patriotic duty.

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One shoe never fits all, and we understand that. Your needs will always be catered to at Kona Coolers! To receive a free quote of our water cooler services and to have our water coolers installed call us now at 1(800)590-8360 or email us at We look forward to serving YOU!

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Kona Water Cooler

The Kona Water Cooler is a top of the line filtered water cooler that provides its users with an endless supply of pure water.

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