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Changing the Market

Two decades in the water and ice cooler industry has helped Kona establish its name as a market leader. Our willingness to create customized drinking water solutions using state-of-the-art purification and filtration technologies is what helped us reach the top. Combine it with our excellent staff, knowledge of local water conditions and affordable pricing options and you have an excellent cost-effective, value enhancing package.

How Kona's Coolers Set the Bar So High

Pure, fresh water is the right of every human being. Therefore, we ensure that you get this right through the best purification and sanitization technologies available in today's industry. Some of the techniques our innovative water filters use include:

  • Ultraviolet Sanitization – Ultraviolet sanitizers are one of the highly acclaimed methods for purifying drinking water. Using the wavelength of ultraviolet light, the filters eliminate harmful microorganisms.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration – Using reverse osmosis, filters can convert tap water into pure drinking water. This type of filtration takes out bacteria, pesticides, radioactive contaminants, industrial waste and other impurities to provide you with odorless, tasteless water.
  • Activated Carbon Filtration – For water containing organic contaminants, this is the best type of filtration possible. You will be able to enjoy odorless, tasteless and colorless water.
  • Distillation – Though it is one of the oldest methods of filtering water, distillation removes different contaminants. Kona and its team of professionals ensure that this filtration process is energy efficient.
  • Anti-Microbial Surfaces – Using an ant-microbial surface with our coolers further complements our filters' work and ensures that microorganisms like viruses, bacteria and fungi are eliminated.
  • Stainless Steel Tanks – To collect a large supply of fresh, purified water, we offer top notch stainless steel tanks. Through these, contaminants can't get into the filtered water while problems, such as lead poisoning, will never be an issue.
  • Food Grade Tubing - With food-grade tubing, Kona's filters ensure that the water reaching your lips is the same pure product created through our excellent filters.

Why We're No. 1

In addition to the aforementioned factors which helped us set the bar so high for other companies, we are at the top of the industry because we offer better price packages and dedicated teams for national accounts.

So, if you're interested in shifting to the best water coolers in the U.S., call us on 1-800-590-8365 or click here for a free consultation

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The Kona Water Cooler is a top of the line filtered water cooler that provides its users with an endless supply of pure water.

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