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Hotels and the Hospitality Sector

Everything at hotels and hospitality institutions should be immaculate, starting from the uniform of the staff to the linen on beds and all the way to the food served at the dining area. Therefore, you can't afford having the water you serve be less perfect. This is where Kona and its water coolers come in the picture.

Kona water coolers come with the right technology to offer pure water that is free from impurities and 99.99% germ free. Therefore, no one will sip just once with our water coolers strategically placed around your hotel, within your business center, and in the corner of your lounge. Besides, your dedication to quench your guests' thirst the minute it starts will never go unnoticed.

These aside, our water coolers offer members of the hospitality sector with the following benefits:

  • Affordable pricing packages that match your budget's size.
  • Well-designed pure water dispensers that take up minimal space while not clashing with your décor.
  • Easy and convenient water cooler installation that doesn't affect your hotel's décor or disturb your guests.
  • The chance to boast about becoming more eco-friendly since Kona's coolers reduce plastic waste and prevent the extensive use of fossil fuels in manufacturing, recycling plastic and bottled water delivery.
Besides our water coolers, Kona offers a wide range of products and services, such as ice bins, that can help improve your services and guarantee higher customer satisfaction.


To find out about how our products and services canhelp you achieve your goals, call on 1-800-590-8365 or e-mail on Our representatives are available to answer your queries and provide you with the assistance you need. So, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Kona Water Cooler

The Kona Water Cooler is a top of the line filtered water cooler that provides its users with an endless supply of pure water.

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