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Healthcare Sector

Kona's water coolers and ice bins are anti-microbial, capable of providing contamination-free water and ice, and they are also extremely affordable. These are some of the features which make the healthcare sector choose our water cooler services.

Hospitals, clinics, dental and doctor's offices as well as senior living facilities strive to ensure that the water they provide to their clients is always clean and pure. After all, every drop of contaminated water can further contribute to their illness or even worsen its effects. Besides, doctors and their staff need pure water to remain focused on their mission and efforts to help save people.
With all this in mind, Kona provides top notch water coolers that come with NSF-55A and N-55B certified filters. Both of these are UV filtration standards which further define the features of our water coolers. In addition, our 20 years of experience has helped us determine what healthcare providers and institutions need, which is why we also provide chewable ice dispensers as well as distillation systems.

Through our products, we offer excellent filtration facilities, including state-of-the-art UV purification, which destroy 99.99% bacteria and other microorganisms while desalinating water and filtering out contaminants. The coolers themselves are designed to be anti-microbial with silver ions added to their surface. Therefore, you can rest assured that nothing will contaminate the water even after it leaves the built-in filtration system. Add to all this affordable pricing and eco-friendliness and you have a great package in your hands.

To get a Kona filtered water cooler installed at your office, clinic, or hospital, we welcome your calls on 1-800-590-8365. You can also email us on for quotes or requests for more information.

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Kona Water Cooler

The Kona Water Cooler is a top of the line filtered water cooler that provides its users with an endless supply of pure water.

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