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Comprehensive Service

Congratulations you have found the most innovative and technologically advanced water cooler on the market! Our innovative water coolers and professional water cooler installation services have placed our water cooler company at the top of our industry. With decades of experience in hand, each of our water cooler service technicians is proficient in designing, customizing, installing and maintaining our water cooler units in offices and business from just about every type of business imaginable.

Once you hire our water cooler company, we will work with you to provide you with an office water cooler that is customized for your company or facilities specifications. Through feedback, we will improve the design until it's the one you want installed. We will then schedule a water cooler installation date and ensure that our professionals work quickly and without affecting your peace of mind, d├ęcor or routine. Finally, to ensure that the cooler works perfectly, our team will schedule maintenance visits and provide you with a direct number to contact them by if you ever need their assistance.

To tempt you further with Kona's comprehensive service, here are some of the benefits you can get with this service:

  • Our dedicated team of service technicians will insure that your water cooler is always running at peak performance.
  • Skilled personnel who understand the importance of pure drinking water and have ample experience in delivering just that - pure drinking water.
  • State-of-the-art technology to complement our specialists' skills and experience


So, if you're interested in having unlimited access to the purest water available call us on 1-800-590-8365 or contact us on the contact us page.


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Kona Water Cooler

The Kona Water Cooler is a top of the line filtered water cooler that provides its users with an endless supply of pure water.

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